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About HydroDot

HydroDot, Inc. is a developer of proprietary electroencephalograph ("EEG") electrode application systems. Our innovative products are compatible with any EEG equipment, are easier and faster to use, reduce costs, and provide repeatable accuracy and greater patient comfort. 

The HydroDot® EEG Electrode Application System consists of the reusable EzeNet® headpiece and the HydroDot® biosensor disposable electrodes. HydroDot® biosensors are disposable and the hydrogel is used in both the EzeNet headpiece Biosensors and HydroSpot® pre-gelled electrodes.

StatNet™ is HydroDot’s next generation EEG headpiece that builds on the success and technology of the patented HydroDot® System. The StatNet™ is a fully integrated, pre-gelled, single-use disposable EEG headpiece system and is nothing short of a paradigm shift in EEG signal acquisition.

HydoDot® = 21st Century EEG Solutions


hydrodotbox johnglenn statnetbox
Astronaut John Glenn aboard the
Space Shuttle wearing the
HydroDot® System.