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EzeNet® Frontal Pads

Comfortably secures the EzeNet® headpiece to the forehead without the use of tape or adhesive. 50 per bag.

Medium: fits Small and Medium EzeNet®
Large: fits Large and Extra Large EzeNet®


EzeNet® Chin Straps

Disposable 50 per bag.

Small: fits Extra Small EzeNet®
Medium: fits Medium and Small EzeNet®
Large: fits Extra Large and Large EzeNet®


EzeNet® Neck Straps

5 per bag

Small: fits Extra Small and Small EzeNet®
Large: fits Medium, Large and Extra Large EzeNet®


EzeNet® Buckles

Replacement buckles for the EzeNet®. 4 per pack.


Product Name:  EzeNet® 10/20 Measuring Net

The EzeNet® 10/20 Net is the answer when you apply HydroSpot® pre-gelled disposa ble EEG electrodes or traditional EEG electrodes. The 10/20 Net conforms to the International 10/20 System and allows accurate, repeatable electrode placement w ithout time-consuming measuring! The flexible10/20 Net fits a wide range of head sizes and saves valuable time in the EEG or Sleep Lab. Sleep electrode position s are designated in gold on the 10/20 Net.

Baby: (38-42cm), Yellow
Small: (42-48cm), Aqua (Fits babies from 6 Months up to toddlers)
Medium: (48-54cm), Purple
Large: (54-60cm), Blue. (Fits adults and larger children)
Extra Large: (58-62cm), Maroon. (Fits adults and larger children)


EzeNet® EEG Interface Cable

The EzeNet® EEG Interface Cable provides a direct link between the EzeNet® and a ny EEG system head-box. The cable terminates in DIN connectors labeled according to the International10/20 System. Leave the EzeNet® EEG Interface Cable plugged into the head-box for quick connect and disconnect during patient preparation a nd clean-up.


HydroSpot® EEG Lead Wires

Multicolored, long-lasting, reusable EEG lead wires. Use with HydroSpot® disposable EEG electrodes. 12 per pack.



HydroDot® Instructional DVD©

After viewing this informative DVD©, you and your staff will know all they need to be able to apply the HydroDot® EEG Application System quickly and accurately. A copy of this DVD© is included with the HydroDot® Starter Kit, or order extra copies for your entire staff.