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HydroSpot® Electrodes

Disposable HydroSpots® are pre-gelled EEG electrode cups using the same propriet ary hydrogel as the HydroDot® biosensors. HydroSpots® are conveniently packaged in trays of 24. Use for special EEG requirements andhydrospot1 auxiliary EEG leads. Because they are disposable they reduce the risk of infection. Use with HydroSpot® reusable lead wires.

  • Disposable, pre-gelled Ag/AgCl electrode
  • Reusable lead wires in 48” or 60”
  • Uses same gentle, proprietary gel as HydroDots®
  • Great for newborn infants as well as EOG, EMG, and ECG recording locations
  • One Year Shelf Life