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The HydroDot® System

Frequently Asked Questions about the HydroDot® System


EzeNet® Headpiece


  • The EzeNet Headpiece is the key to the HydroDot EEG Application system, because it allows the technologist to place the HydroDot biosensor electrodes quickly and accurately, strictly following the International 10/20 System
  • Guaranteed for accuracy for 1 year
  • Open net design for easy access to patients’ head and electrode sites, and allows use with virtually any hair type
  • Comfortable for patients and less strenuous for EEG techs
  • More secure than individual electrodes
  • Shielded wiring reduces interference
  • Reusable, lifespan of 500+ uses
  • Fast drying, easily cleaned and disinfected fabric
  • 5 Sizes from infant to large adult based on head circumference (range: 40 to 62 cm and color-coded by size)
  • “Pedi” friendly; toddlers can even sit on mom’s lap
  • Ideal for difficult patients such as autistic children and agitated adults
  • Interface cable is compatible with any EEG amplifier headbox using standard DIN connectors
  • EzeNet wiring and Interface cable are shielded to reduce ambient noise and movement artifact
  • Made in the US with highest quality materials and standards used

HydroDot® Biosensors

Disposable HydroDot HydroGel Biosensors come in convenient packs of twenty-four, enough for one patient. They snap quickly into sockets on the EzeNet headpiece. Because they are disposable, they reduce the risk of cross-contamination.biosensors

  • Disposable pre-gelled EEG cups for EzeNet®
  • Double Injection Molded Cup
  • Proprietary conductive hydrogel that leaves minimal residue in hair
  • Ag/AgCl Electrode Contacts
  • · Low impedances
  • One year shelf life

® 10/20 Measuring Net                               measurenet2                     

  • Quickly measure and mark heads with repeatable accuracy
  • Strictly adheres to International 10/20 System guidelines
  • Great for both EEG and PSG
  • Washable and reusable
  • Guaranteed for accuracy for 1 year
  • 5 Sizes based on head circumference (range: 40 to 62cm)